Industries We Serve

Quadrant delivers cutting-edge technical solutions to numerous industries including: automotive, consumer electronics, appliance, security, sensing, medical, energy, and more. We work across multiple industries to understand the impact of magnetic technologies from material to final application.

Consumer Electronics
Create an intelligent lifestyle

We produce componentry for a variety of consumer electronic devices by optimizing magnetic functionality to enhance the consumer experience.

PC, Tablet and More
PC, Tablet and More
We partner with our customers to optimize efficiency in diverse applications such as computers, tablets, smart phones, wearables devices, audio devices and other electronic equipment. The applications can be as simple as a two-pole magnet or as complex as a Halbach assembly.
Magnets function as alignment guides and sensor triggers in many consumer accessories.
Acoustic Modules
Magnetic solutions provide increased sound integrity for audio products. We support our clients with superior acoustic component designs.
Haptic Feedbacks
Haptic motors are used to create vibratory feedback, and thus sensory input, for consumer electronic devices. By varying force and frequency, specific vibrations are generated by rotating an unbalanced weight, or by linearly oscillating a mass back and forth. We provide tactile solutions for smart phones, VR products, wearables, and gaming controllers.
Camera Systems
Camera Systems
Voice Coil Motor Modules rely on the magnetic assembly to position the camera lens for optimal light-gathering and focus.
Hinge Assemblies
Our metal Injection Molding (MIM) parts are widely used in conjunction with magnets to provide solutions in equipment such as watch cases, plugs, and laptop computer hinges.
Charging Solutions
Wireless charging has become the standard for consumer electronic products. This process often uses our nanocrystalline or amorphous materials in the transmission and input components required for this high-frequency contactless charging.