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Quadrant to kick off project NeoGrass, building a Rare Earth Magnet Plant in Louisville, KY

Quadrant is pleased to announce the construction of a rare earth magnet manufacturing campus in Louisville, KY, under the project name of NeoGrass. With the support of forward-thinking Louisville and Team Kentucky officials, Quadrant is investing more than $95M on this multi-year expansion, bringing approximately 200 full-time jobs. 


Operating in Louisville since 2001, Quadrant’s new milestone is seen in 2022’s construction of a 171,000-square-foot rare earth magnet plant at Schutte Station Place Extension and Plantside Drive in Blankenbaker Station. 

Project NeoGrass will facilitate manufacturing, design and engineering, material research, quick-turn prototypes, assemblies, and offer an entire pipeline from prototype to mass production. It will utilize green energy in its operations, recycle production materials, and be constructed to care for the resources surrounding the area.

“We believe that Project NeoGrass is the blueprint that the magnetics industry and our customers need. It is a revitalization of rare earth manufacturing and research & development in the U.S.,” said Michael Brand, President of Quadrant International. 

This expansion of the current facilities will produce rare earth magnets used in multiple industries, including consumer electronics, EV motors, automotive, medical, and many other applications. It will also be a significant complement to Quadrant’s research, prototyping, and testing facility located in the Silicon Valley, operating under the banner of Lab Magnetics. 

About Quadrant

Founded in 1992, Quadrant is a leader in the magnetic industry, providing magnetic-related products, services, and technologies since its inception. With the Global Headquarters in San Diego, USA, Quadrant has plants and offices across seven countries, and a global portfolio of products, services, and technologies help to solve challenges for customers in all magnetic-based applications.

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